Venetian Blind

Palazzo Bembo, Venice
May - November 2019
Curated by
David Cross
Cameron Bishop
Venice, Italy

In the context of the 58th Venice Art Biennale, the Public Art Commission presents Venetian Blind, an exhibition supported by the European Cultural Centre as part of its "Personal Structure" program. Working with the Palazzo Bembo gallery space, PAC will develop a hybrid exhibition/public art project that will see six projects commissioned (one per month) over the duration of the Biennale from 11 May until 24 November 2019.

The project title is a word play on the famous Venetian architectural invention but in this instance refers to artists entering a project without any foreknowledge as to what the specific artistic brief will be. Venetian Blind will preface the importance of site-based research, teamwork and a compressed temporal register as productive constraints in the making of public art works and their documentation and location within a gallery space. Specifically, the theme will seek to build a critical dialogue between the public sphere of Venice and the European Cultural Centre audience who will be directed to experience artworks in unexpected places.

Each project will feature a team of Deakin researchers selected by curators David Cross and Cameron Bishop, who will work collaboratively in responding to one of six subject areas that engages with a unique aspect of Venetian history. Over the course of the Biennale, each team will be given one month to respond to a specific brief and develop a site-based or performative intevention into the city of Venice, which will be documented with the traditional gallery space within the Palazzo Bembo.