EOI: Greening the Pipeline Public Art Commission

Artist's rendition of proposed open space and community (Rhelm Studio).

Emerging and established First Nations artists or collectives are invited to propose a permanent public artwork for the redeveloped Federation Trail.


Public Art Commission are pleased to be partnering with Wyndham City Council and Greening the Pipeline on the commissioning of two legacy artworks as part of the renewal of the Federation Trail. We are seeking expressions of interest for the first of these two commissions by 5 November, 2023. This first public art opportunity will be focused on engaging a First Nations artist or collective. A process of shortlisting will take place with two EOI submissions selected for resolution to a final stage tender. All successful applicants at stage one will receive $2500; the final project budget will total $110,000.

This permanent public artwork commission will preface an ability to engage an audience in the cultural aspects of the site. This includes a strong emphasis on the First Nations histories of place through interpretation, interaction, mobility, time, play, storytelling, intervention and/or care for country. The commission should consider the way people move through the landscape and the vista, as well as the work’s relationship to the Skeleton Creek Aqueduct.

Please consult the project outline document before submitting your application. *Please note, this document notes the former EOI closing date of Friday 27 October; this has been extended to Sunday, 05 November.

Please forward any inquiries to:

Cameron Bishop Associate Professor in Visual Arts Co-director, Public Art Commission, Deakin University: cameron.bishop@deakin.edu.au