Treatment III Receives Funding From Westgate Community Partnerships Fund

Front Beach, Back Beach officially launches on 10 May, 2022.


Public Art Commission were successful with our application to the Westgate Community Partnerships fund. New partnerships and support from The Westgate Tunnel Authority, Hobsons Bay City, Greening the Pipeline and Scienceworks will help us extend the work we have done on the Treatment Public Art Project over several years in collaboration with Melbourne Water and Wyndham City. This grant will allow us to commission five emerging and established artists to develop major works along the section of the heritage pipeline (Main Outfall Sewer) that stretches from Scienceworks (the old Pumping Station) to Brooklyn.

A health and wellbeing check on arts and culture in the region, Treatment lII imagines the pipeline as a social throughline for communities and audiences to explore their creativity while gaining critical perspectives on their relations with each other, their infrastructure, and the environment.

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