VicHealth | Art About Us

Research team
Professor Katya Johanson
Professor Hilary Glow
Dr Anne Kershaw
Professor Yin Paradies
2013 - 15

From 2013 to 2015, the researchers worked with VicHealth and six funded arts organisations to evaluate the impact that their arts activities had on Victorians’ awareness of the benefits of cultural diversity and the harms of race-based discrimination. The team worked with artists at the Marruk Project (Swan Hill Aboriginal Health Services), Talking Difference (the Immigration Museum, Museum Victoria), Square of Light (Federation Square), Meet+Eat (CuriousWorks), Blak Cabaret (Malthouse Theatre), Sisters and Brothers (Arts Generator, Cohealth) and Postcards from Nanna (Cha Cha Sam). Arts about Us projects aimed to build empathy, emphasise commonality and difference, promote dialogue and facilitate intercultural contact.

Video stills from Meet + Eat, Curious Works and Wild at Heart.