Front Beach, Back Beach

An ambitious new public art project taking place in November 2022, bringing together the diverse communities, cultures and landscapes of the Mornington Peninsula.

Lucy Bleach
Anna Breckon & Nat Randall
Maree Clarke
James Geurts
Kait James & Jarra Karalinar Steel
Rebecca Jensen & Aviva Endean
Shane McGrath
Taree Mackenzie
Vera Möller
Geoff Robinson
Gold Satino
Amanda Shone
Hiromi Tango
Lisa Waup
Last Collective
Curated by
David Cross
Cameron Bishop
Danny Lacy
Penelope Gebhardt
Dan Koop
Celia Mallard
Simon Reis
Steven Rhall
Ilana Russell
Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Eighteen leading Australian artists have been commissioned to make new work in response to the extraordinary sites, histories and communities of this spectacular region south of Melbourne. Co-conceived by Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery and Deakin University’s Public Art Commission, FBBB will be a unique road trip for art lovers and local communities taking place across fifteen sites from Coolart Wetlands to Point Nepean.

FBBB has identified fifteen locations/contexts across 723 square kilometres that create a unique set of conditions for artistic response. The scattered-site event will feature the work of eighteen local and national artists/collectives responding to hidden and overlooked histories of national significance that channel our collective past and future. With a strong focus on creating new opportunities for community engagement, artists will work with targeted community groups and demographics in multiple ways, including research, co-production, participation and performance.

FBBB is part road trip, part curatorial experiment and part exploration of how contemporary art in the public sphere can offer new and unique understandings of people, locale and time. A journey that firmly rewards the intrepid, FBBB encompasses the expanse of the Peninsula with all works reachable by car and accessible by foot. Guided by an in-depth directional app, you’ll unearth both its secrets and new takes on what is right in front of you. While for some Front Beach Back Beach might be a trip down memory lane to popular Peninsula landmarks, for others, this journey will offer compelling insights into a region that has dramatically shaped Australian identities and mythologies.

The fifteen site-specific events will unfold across the Peninsula in November 2022 and will be documented for an exhibition at the MPRG over summer.