DFAT | Public Diplomacy

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Research team
Dr Amanda Coles
Professor Katya Johanson
Professor Hilary Glow
Dr Jordan Vincent

In 2017, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade commissioned the research team to review its suite of public diplomacy strategies.

As a first of its kind, this evaluation (contributes) to an evidence base to support DFAT’s strategic direction in public diplomacy. As the report points out this is an area of increasing importance as reflected by DFAT’s PD strategy and its intention to establish an M&E framework under the strategy. An evaluation was a critical first step to developing a future framework which will provide greater support to posts collecting evidence of what works to inform better PD budget prioritisation. The evaluation is a critical element to form a baseline but also to provide evidence for internal discussion and advocacy for DFAT’s PD efforts.

Image: MPavilion 2017. Photo, courtesy OMA