Sounding Histories

Bishop and Reis
Catherine Bell
Maree Clarke
Michael Greaves
Michael Needham
The Rogue Academy
Curated by
Cameron Bishop
Anne Wilson
Mission to Seafarers, Docklands

In 2017, the Mission to Seafarers celebrated 100 years of service in the heritage-listed building at 717 Flinders Street, Docklands. Serving a special place in the life and community of those who live and work at sea, the dedicated team of staff and volunteers have provided comfort, a friendly face and sense of community to the thousands of seafarers who visit Port Melbourne annually.

To mark the occasion, historical research and art merged with 'Sounding Histories' - a site responsive mixture of performance, video, archival, installation, sound, participation and text, curated by Cameron Bishop and Anne Wilson through Deakin University. Artists Maree Clarke, Bishop and Reis, Catherine Bell, Michael Needham, Michael Greaves and The Rogue Academy have connected with the building and interpreted a unique aspect by drawing on the Mission’s rich and diverse history.

Images: Michael Graeves; Bishop & Reis; Maree Clarke. Photos: Cameron Bishop