Treatment III

The third installment of the ongoing Treatment public art projects, which engage with waste water infrastructure in Melbourne's Western suburbs.

Zanny Begg
Robert Andrew
James Nguyen
Rogue Academy
Linda Tegg
Eugenia Lim
Fiona Hillary
Edwina Stevens
Curated by
David Cross
Cameron Bishop
Western Suburbs, Melbourne, VIC

Treatment III is the third installment of an adventurous public art project developed by Public Art Commission through Deakin University, firstly in conjunction with Wyndham City and Melbourne Water, and now with the Westgate Tunnel Authority, Scienceworks and Hobsons Bay City. The third chapter of this ongoing series will take place across 2022-2023 and looks to capitalise on the success of the 2015 and 2017 public art projects held at the Western Treatment Plant (WTP), Werribee. The project uses contemporary art practice in its myriad forms – performance, video, installation, sculpture, sound, photography – to investigate and celebrate the technologies, histories and communities of the waste water infrastructures in Melbourne’s west.

A project designed to celebrate the unique features, communities, technologies and ecologies of the WTP site, Treatment III will for the first time expand beyond the Western Treatment Plant (WTP) to make work along the historic Main Outfall Sewer (MOS), which runs for 30 km from Spotswood to Werribee. With support from the state government through the Westgate Tunnel Neighbourhood Fund, Public Art Commission will engage with communities along the historic sewer outfall that runs alongside the Federation Bike Trail to commission several community engaged artworks in 2022/23. The diversity of the communities and landscapes from Scienceworks (the old pumping station) to Werribee afford the opportunity to investigate important issues like public health, our connections to the environment and relations with each other. These works will unfold with an expanded range of partner organisations including Hobsons Bay City Council and Wyndham City, Greening the Pipeline, Scienceworks, and the Westgate Tunnel Authority. Staying true to the project’s foundations Treatment III will also feature commissions at the WTP site together with a 24 hr event proposed for Cocoroc at the Western Treatment Plant in Autumn 2023.

PAC are excited to announce the artists are beginning to develop projects for Treatment III including Zanny Begg, Robert Andrew, James Nguyen, Rogue Academy, Linda Tegg, Eugenia Lim, Fiona Hillary and Edwina Stevens. More collaborators will be announced in the coming months.